Abrasax - The Long Forgotten Ceremonies

In 1997, Lord Abrasax started working on a black metal project. No one seemed to have the talent he was looking for to form a band. He decided to make all the music and the lyrics himself. On the first demo-tape (of which only a few copies were made) he played every instrument himself and did the vocals as well. Because of this, he decided his project's name to simply be Abrasax. A bold statement, maybe, but in the vein of his undying philosophy called Satanism.

Most of his friends thought this was the real black metal. Some didn't, but they are probably Cradle Of Filth pussies now. Not eager to come out with this demo, Lord Abrasax kept on working on his other projects and in the meanwhile looked for potential Abrasax band members.

Nearly forgotten all about Abrasax, he stumbled into Lord Gorgon on a dark winter's festival in 1999. Their philosophies and ideas about the black metal music were the same, and it was decided that Lord Gorgon would be the second member of Abrasax.

The first demo, "Burning Souls In The Snow" is being re-recorded by Lord Abrasax and Lord Gorgon. New songs are being created, but both members don't have much time and don't really like "company". Gigs are not planned.